Layout and events sheet don't have the same layers

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  • I have one layout with an associated events sheet. In the events sheet another sheet is included. Each sheet have three layers and the layout have four. Is it normal? I had the impression that layouts and their associated event sheet are suppose to have the same amount of layers.

    What if I try to get informations from a layer in an events sheet that only exist in the layout?

    Do I have to make sure that layouts and their sheets have the same layers?

    Is the layers are global or they belong to their respective events sheets and layouts?

    Hope someone can answer this.

    Thank you!

  • You need to put the focus on the layout (click its tab) of which you want to see the layers.

    If you click layout one ... you will see the layers from layout one.

    If you click layout two ... etc

    If you have focus on layout one, and would you switch to Eventsheet X (not assosciated with layout one) , the layers information would not update, and still show those of layout one.

    Hope that made some sense.

  • Ho yeah, it made some sense. It's working this way but in my specific case, the events sheet associated with my layout don't follow. But since I made some test in a test project and everything is fine, I believe that I'm in front of a minor bug.

    I think I will just live with it until my game don't work because of this... if it happens of course. Until then I'll continue to work as usual.

    Thank you for this information it was really useful.

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  • Event sheets have layers? I thought only layouts have layers.

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  • Well, you are right. Layers are for graphics. Events controls game mechanics and graphics. Events can also controls layers. That's why I was asking. In my specific situation, when I changed tabs, layers list was not always coherent with what it should have been. I believe It's only a minor bug since everything in my game is working well. If you don't encounter this thread specific situation everythings should be alright: layers are for layouts graphics.

    lennaert explained it well.

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