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  • Hi there! I'm new. I'm currently in the middle of putting together my first game. I am a hobbyist game developer looking to turn around some quick games with C2.

    What I'm trying to achieve is a consistent effect in all the layouts of the game (WebGL Noise.) What I'd like to know if there is a simple or conventional way to do this? If I am able to add layout effects programatically, I can do this at the start of a common event sheet, but I can't find any such action.

    I will be designing the different levels of the game in different layouts, does this mean I have to add the effect(s) to each layout within Construct 2?

    Wondering if anyone had a solution like grouping layouts like the way Families group objects, since I would like to be able to keep the look and feel of the layouts consistent.


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  • I'm also interested in knowing if this is possible. There doesn't seem to be any "global" setting for effects like there are for layers. Any suggestions appreciated.

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