How do I use Layout (by name)

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  • Basically, I want to change from Layout 1 to Layout 2 to Layout 3 etc,

    and I know this is possible with 'Layout (by name)', but for the love of god I can't find out how to exactly.

    I haven't been using Construct 2 for almost 2 years and I know there's a tutorial about it somewhere, but really can't find it after an hour of searching..

    Any help?


  • go to layout "name of layout here"

  • I haven't been using Construct 2 for almost 2 years

    I don't think that part is right, but to the point layout (by name) is just were you change to a layout by the name of it. Its useful when you want to lower down the amount of code.

    In a game I'm making for college it has different levels, so if I name all my levels layouts the same as what it shows inside the game I can use the layout (by name) to save lots of time.

    As your layouts are layout1 layout2 and layout3 (I would recommend changing them) you could just have a global variable storing what number layout they should be on then do in the box

    "Layout" & layoutnumber[/code:1wj1fvjr]
    If you get confused feel free to ask more as I'm bad at explaining things.
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  • Additional tip:

    Just delete everything in the 'name field'.

    Then type the character "

    Construct will give you all layouts by name in a drop-down menu. Just choose. Safer then typing then name.

  • Ben Wilson, Thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for!

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