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  • Hello all

    Im new with Construct2 [even when i heard about it a couple of years ago]...i was following the Tutorial from here:

    I will make my Game with 1280x720 16:9 aspect ratio, but when i run the preview in my laptop 1366*768 it gives me a White space to the right when using a different Resolution and Also via LAN in my Lumia 520 Browser which is 800x480 resolution...the same for Galaxy S3, even when this screen resolution is the same

    How can i do to make it full screen or stretch correctly without White/Black spaces to the RIGHT?

    here's my test project

  • I made an android game with this aspect ratio, it is not easy to make the game fit on multiple devices but after a bit of work I got it done with the help of other Members here, check this out.

  • thx for reply, as you can see, im trying to make the project the best way possible from the beginning...

    i dont understand very well that Topic says a lot, the tutorial for multiple screen resolution says we should use a 16:9 ratio and make it Letterbox Scale but it will show black bars to the sides...which resolution/layoutSize is best to avoid the black bars?

    now im testing the same Layout size 1280x720 and Scale Outer...with bigger background, it seems fine but then i think i would need to center every object used later right?.

    using this in a Note 3 which is Full HD resolution size will look the same as in 1280x720 HD devices?

    i would appreciate a .capx file from anyone's Screen configuration just to take a look and test with my project, thx in advance

  • Here you go ... locks.capx

    Note that this is not my capx file and not my work, I just got it a little while back from these forums and cannot locate the post again, so credit goes to Mr X who made this <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

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  • thx

    but that still showing black sidebars...

    as im going to make only for test Android games for now, i will keep using 1280x720 layout size and use Letterbox Scale...i've tested with emulators and real devices and it seems ok, even when black bars appears in the Top/Bottom

    but i really want to know how to avoid this, i cant find a "easy" tutorial to make my game fullscreen in any Screen Size

  • To be honest, for me it wasn't easy, and I don't know if this method would work on my future games, but we just have to keep trying or wait until compilers and C2 get in sync regarding scaling, and best of luck with your projects

  • Hi - I have been struggling with getting my game to work on Android (full screen) - discovered the following post regarding "Crosstalk" (see link) and it is working for me (in terms of getting a fullscreen) play of my game. No performance issues what-so-ever and a very good GUI to compile your C2 files.

    I hope this will help you guys. ... to-android

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