Layers with parallax=0 and scale rate=0

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  • Hi,

    I have a problem with the zero parallax layout.

    It works fine when the full-screen mode is off, but when i export it to phone gap i should set the full-screen in browser to on and here is the problem.

    when i test it in different phones this layer will not appear in the right way it's either out of the screen or only half of it will appear.

    I tried to give the objects in this layer an Anchor behavior, but still its not appearing in the right way.

    So does anyone knows how to make this layer appears as perfect as it appears when the full-screen mode is off.

  • Any help please?

  • Ashley can u help me on this point please

  • mina I used to test the Fullscreen Scale with "fluid layouts" and with a HUD layer with Parallax 0,0.

    Look at my memory game: Crocodile Memory Game

    Select Easy/Medium or Hard, in the level the Croco on the right and the Turns/Matches box are in HUD (Parallax:0,0) and this sprites/texts all have an Archor with Left edge: Window right, Top edge: Window top. The Right and Bottom edge is not set!

    It works very well on any phones, and screen sizes.

    I recommend to use Archor only if requied, use it with Left-Left and Top-top setting, and only if you want to float something to the right, set Left-Right and Top-top setting.

    In scale mode do not use any setting for Archor Right/Bottom edge, cause the scale logic will scale it for you!

  • Well, as the topic's title includes "scale=0" I would like to write an addition: I use scale=100 in my example. Used to think that I'll need scale=0, but this were a misunderstanding in my side.

    If the scale=0, I think the Fullscreen scale mode will not scale your layer, so it will have same size in 1024x768, and 480x320 too (too small in the first and too large in the second resolution).

  • Epox Thanx 4 ur help, but i already used the same way u just explain above (0,0 with anchor behavior).

    My problem is not with testing the game as html5 game, but the problem when i convert it to phone application using PhoneGap.

    If i test it as a html5 game on a website it works fine, but when i export it to PhoneGap the problem starts.

    As u know when i export a game to PhoneGap i should set the fullscreen mode to "on scale mode" and the problem starts here because the layer with 0,0 parallax and scale rate 0 or 100 appears differently from phone to phone depending on the resolution and the size of the screen.

    So do u have any idea about fixing this issue?

    Thanx in advance and wish u a nice day.

  • Hi mina,

    Well I used to have similar problem. And I used to solved it, but unfortunately I do not remember to the exact steps I have just got a project with Parallax 0,0 and Scale 100 in the HUD.

    I've set it to public, so You can access the adnroid pkg here to test it works or not:

    Altrought somewhere in the latest versions it started to not work in my 2.1 device, but perfectly on 2.3 devices.

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  • Is there a turorial on this somewhere?

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