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  • Hello everybody im a little new with construct2 and theres my question

    I have the Layout1 with a layer named inventory when you click an object of the inventory it becomes visible, i do a go to layout2 and all my propieties and efects made at layer disapear how can i conserve the layer propieties at layout1 to the layout2?

    Excuse my english is not my first lenguaje


  • Hello cestt

    If I am understanding your question correctly you want to include all of your events from your first layout (Layout1) to your second layout (layout2)?

    If this is what you are trying to do all you have to do is go to your Layout2 event sheet if you didn't rename it then by default it should be named (Event sheet 2). Then right click on it, and select (Include event sheet). When the new window opens just select your Layout1 event sheet (Event sheet 1), and click on OK. This will include all your events from your first layout (layout1) to your second layout (Layout2).

    If you want to add sprites from your first layout (Layout1) to your second layout (Layout2). Open your (projects) window, look for your (Objects types) folder, and drag your sprites onto your (Layout2).

    I hope I understood your question correctly.

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  • I think he means an inherent layer like they had in Construct? So a single layer that can be used on multiple layouts??

    If so, I'm also waiting for this feature to be added to C2.

  • You can set objects that you want on multiple layouts to global. Click on the object and set Global to Yes.

    If there are layouts that you don't want the object on, just destroy it on that layout's event sheet.

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