Layer/effect help, "Chowder" cartoon texturing

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  • In the meanwhile of expanding a local multiplayer concept, i have decided to try a very intriguing effect as seen in the Cartoon Network show "Chowder": characters render a texture underneath the clothing that stays still while the lineart and sillhoutte move.

    I'm trying the effects and layout settings to see if it's possible for my character's sillhoutte to do the same and render a texture underneath or above it. I have managed to get the following by creating a none transparent layer that forces its own texture with the texture as my first layer, a second transparent layer that forces its own texture on top for my characters, and my characters blend mode set to destination out, and a final layer with my platforms on top.

    My problem is that i would like to use a different texture for each player (4 max) and not the same texture for all of them and if i place another layer with an extra texture above one of my characters (for another character to use), i will be covering the already textured character bellow since the layers with the texture are none transparent.

    What are your suggestions and is this even possible with the available layer and blending settings?

    Is there a nice documentation that i'm missing or skipped that might help me out?

    Take in mind, it is intended for real character assets made out of sillhoutetes to be used rather than boxes, and with the awesome spriter/c2 integration i would be setting the clothe objects to have the blending properties needed.

    Any and all help would be appreciated, thanks in advace!

  • Problem is layers work like glass, so you couldn't have one texture replaced without replacing anything under it.

    Perhaps a custom fx that only works on specific colors.

  • "Paster" may be an option. I just did a sample of mirroring for reflecting (in water). It's a powerful plugin.

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  • blackhornet

    Hm, that plugin looks mighty peculiar. I saw some interesting effects but not sure how to try my idea with it. I need to place a texture (either above or below my character) and my character's clothe parts should reveal the still texture underneath. Paster seems to do that in reverse, paste objects into a canvas or quad. I do notice it has a blend mode for the quads but no idea if that can help. Maybe i'm missing something, any advice with Paster?


    Darn, i just remembered that the character parts overlap one another and will have character parts that i do not want textured infront or behind. This is harder than i thought. xD

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