Layer Scaling breaks mouse tracking?

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  • So I'm making a 2d RPG Shooter.

    During the boss fights I generally scale the layers to 0.5 because the bosses are big.

    For some reason this makes the bullets go in the wrong direction. The bullets on fired go to the cursor. But when the layers are scaled to 0.5, they go in random directions. Sometimes they'll go the opposite, sometimes they'll go the right direction but way too low or high.

    This only happens when the layers are scaled, how do I fix it? I'd really like to keep the layers scaled.

  • Are you using



    Return the position of the mouse cursor over the canvas area in the HTML page. This is (0, 0) at the top left of the canvas and goes up to the window size. It is not affected by any scrolling or scaling in the game.

    or Mouse.X and Mouse.Y?

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  • Mouse.x


    Guessing I should use absolute?

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