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  • Hi everyone,

    It seems to be a simple task but I can't manage to find any answer.

    I have two layers, and want to zoom on just one of them so ok, I use the action set Layer Scale instead of set Layout Scale , but now here's my problem, :

    -I want to focus on a precise part of this layer, but Scroll to won't work (because it's just one layer I guess, not the layout) and there is no set Layer position !

    How can I move just this layer in the EventSheet ?

    I don't know if it's clear enought, I can post the .capx if not.

    Thanks alot for any advice

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  • layers don't really move..

    is unbounded scrolling set to yes or no?

    and what are the parallax settings for your layers?

    (I'm pretty sure this is where your problem lies)

  • Thank you so musch spacedoubt,

    unbounded scrolling was set to no and indeed, it solved the "panning" problem !

    But now I have to make my top layer follow !

    And if layers don't move like you said I suppose I can only do that by moving the sprites or the families ?

    Thx alot anyway o/

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