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  • Hi guys, however i made more layer for several elements of the game..a few layers on the bottom are showing a oposite effect. If I select more objects that are of different layers, I can't change the z-order because they are of different layers. What should I do ? Set it in events ? I thought that a object of a higher layer is automaticly covering objects of lower layers...


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  • Have you tried turning on the z-order tool from the taskbar and organizing the offending objects down using it?

    The manual will tell you about the z-order tool, it allows controlling z-order throughout the whole project and not just by layers like events do.

  • hi I read the manual again...but did not really find the part how to deal z-order of all layers together...can u help me ?


  • ..I saw in a tutorial that U can see only overlapping sprites as z-order in different layers...would be helpfull to see all objects in all layers in the same time...

  • Layers are like glass panes, so bottom sprites will always be visible unless they are covered by other non-transparent sprites. You might need to set their visibility via event actions if your layers are transparent.

    Can you add a .capx?

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