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  • Hi forum,I am trying to make a web page with construct 2,on a whim.

    Look this please zffffff.svfree.net/web

    Mainly the eyes

    I think they are should always look at the cursor,but it only worked on the top.

    If you scroll down the page,they will look down forever,and never track the cursor.

    (eyes on a layer named UI and I set the parallex to 0,0)

    Another littel thing is

    scroll only worked on max window size some time.if you resize the window to smaller ,

    scroll will not work anymore.and then you set the window to max size again,it will work again.But this not happen every time,I only met once.

    (Now I can make it to reproduce,if camra on the top of layout(when back ground color is white) it will not scroll.else normal)


    A new question.

    When you resize the window,a normal page won't change their content size.

    but this page which I made , is a game essentially.it can narrowing to 0.

    is there any way to simulate a real page?

  • How are you currently making the eyes follow the cursor?

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  • How are you currently making the eyes follow the cursor?

    Thank you for reply

    every tick eye set angle toward(Mouse.X,Mouse.Y)

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