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  • Hey everyone!

    Second post here (Unfortunatully) but I dont wanna mix 2 different things into one.

    Now, as I'm creating this clicker game, I'd like to know, what is better - Create buttons for Layer, or Layout? Imagine this - You are on Production layer/layout and wanna change it to Goverment layer/layout to manage your ministers.... Production Layout have INTERFACE layer including Gold, Lumber, Science points, Food and people earned in RealTime. What do you think?

    Cheers for reply!

  • I decide to create Layers but now I have a problem. Is this correct? O_o I didn't sleep for good 2 days so I'm confused.

    When I start this game, after 2 seconds (one tick) my button ResBT dissapeare....... I cant find the problem. :/ I tried to check every command but with no luck....

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  • There isn't anything in that screenshot that I can see which would make your ResBT button disappear - maybe you would have more luck if you posted up a capx .

  • When I come from work I'll post a link

  • If you PM me or quote me I'll check it out when its up

  • I just think about setting a group (Layer Interface is visible-> Set Group Buttons active 'Buttons group=Button1-6 is visible')

    What do you think?

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  • Hey SputnikCZ, so your ResBT is fine for me - doesn't disappear at all. Your ProducBT button does disappear though .

    When I'm debugging, I usually do two things - I first use the search in the events tab at the top of construct to search for the object which is causing the problem. This helps catch any stray events which may be the issue.

    If that doesn't help I fire up the game in debugging mode and watch exactly what happens to the object as the problem occurs.

    In this instance I searched and couldn't find anything, so I watched the object in the debugger. I saw that it had been destroyed by the fade behaviour . The debugger is really useful!

    Hope that helped

  • How the hell I put there fade?!!!!! Thank you so much for that. And those buttons - did they work? Because they dont work for me......

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