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  • Hi,

    This is probably a big question, but it's a little hard to find the latest information. I'm currently making games with the intention of exporting them to Android and then onto IOS and Windows Stores.

    There appears to be lots of old information scattered around the Scirra Forums and Scirra Tutorials, what is the preferred methods in May 2018 for Construct 2 for exporting to the above?

    Are there any good tutorials/videos on the subject you can recommend?


  • I have ported a game on iOS and Android approximately two weeks ago, so let me share my experience with you.

    If your game is under 50mb then:

    For Android:

    You can use Cordova export in C2 and build using Ludei Cocoon . When building you can use Canvas+ Webview engine, that gives a very good performance, but adds a splash screen (you can try link in my signature to see both performance and splash screen). If that is a no no for you, then you can go for Webview and Webview+ - they do a fairly good job as well without adding a splash screen. Ludei has a very nice blog post about these engines and what they support, take a look at it to save yourself surprises later on.

    For iOS:

    I exported the game as HTML5, and build it using Webview engine in Ludei. That was the only working way i have found. Performance was good, but there were a couple of issues with sounds (namely, autoplay, and mute) and video (they would open in native iOS video player), that I am yet to fix. One more thing - you will need a Mac to upload it to App Store (or just emulate Mac). Btw, passing your game to iTunes Connect standards is quite an adventure too!

    If your game is more than 50 mb you got to go for a paid plan in Ludei's Cocoon or, go for Construct 3 that has direct exporting options, with no need for third party builders. I have not tested it yet myself, but rumors are, it is pretty good. One thing to note though - some plugins that you have used in C2 might not work in C3, so watch out.

    There are other options there, namely Phonegap by Adobe - with which, performance wise, I got terrible results and Intel XDK, by Intel, which I havent used myself, so lets hope someone else will provide intel on (see what i did there?)

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  • Hi Per,

    Thanks for the information. I'm not that keen on having the logo, although I probably shouldn't care. I'm wondering about upgrading to Construct 3, but I'm not that keen on using it online - I hope there will be an offline editor at some stage, I'm old school and like to have actual software, but I guess if a companies server is down, your old license isn't worth anything anyway... I digress. It is tempting though and possibly the less hassle route - I'd better do some reading up on it's specifics.

    I checked out your game, unfortunately it wasn't easy to find in the Google Play Store, either because it's new, or because of the "!" exclamation marks... I've no idea.

    Hard game for me sadly, but I dug the music - reminded me of my old Amiga Tracker days.

  • Well, C3 works online, it just works from your browser, so no worries about that, and, if you have a C2 license, you get 50% off from first year in C3, which is pretty neat.

    The game being hard to be found - the name is not that unique and Gplay alorithm, well, it makes sure that your game is not very visible unless you are super popular with players, or you pay to be seen

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