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  • Hi guys,

    I've spent all the evening reading all the posts related with Phonegap/IntelXDK/Ludei comparisons for Android. As all of this is changing every month i tried by myself all the options today and some of the results don't match with what is told in some posts.

    All of the tests has been made using the cordova export that i assume is what i should use now (previously used CocoonJS but i'm up to use cordova).

    • Ludei. It's the smoother one, got some troubles loading the icons but works good.
    • Intel XDK. Smooth but i think not as good as Ludei's one.
    • Phonegap. It works really slow and sounds and music are not played.
    • As the Phonegap option seems to be the easier to use, is it normal that game runs soooo slow compared with the other options? and why the sounds trouble?
    • Why the recommended option is Intel XDK if Ludei works better? or is just my impression?


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  • I'm using Ludei after test in Intel XDK and PhoneGap and I told ya: Ludei is too much better.

    Performance, practicality and facility are very convenient for the philosophy of Construct, as a handy tool for non-programmers.

    I hope Scirra is planning something even better than the Ludei to Construct 3, 'cause as a rookie here, I still don't understand the discontinuation of Ludei by the developer of the Construct.

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