*Last Bug*After Google Game Login - Sounds/Music Do Not Play

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  • So I've got 99.9% of my game done. All bugs have been eradicated.

    Except for this one!

    The game sounds and music play fine. No matter what i do, no matter what layout i am on. Even when and after Google Global Leaderboard is shown. Even if IAP's are bought. They all play.

    But after the player logins for the first time to Google Game, and they go back to the main menu, all sounds and music do not play.

    I've tried using actions like: Audio > Unmuted and Audio > Resume, but still nothing.

    If the player quits the game and comes back, everything plays as they are supposed to, because they are still logged in to Google Game. If they logout and log back in, the problem returns.

    Someone please help.

    I so desperately want to finish this game and start the beta testing.

    Any help with overcoming this obstacle is greatly appreciated.

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