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  • How do i manage to make a large map? Right now i have a lot of images that are 1500x1000, and put together, they from the world. I figured this was the only way to do it since Tile maps are not recommended by the admins for use in displaying large images, and i am not using bigger images to stay safely under the 2048x2048 image limit. 1st question: is that a good way to handle this sort of thing? and 2nd question: how do i handle smaller animated object that have to be there? As in i can spawn monsters and enemies when the player comes close and destroy them afterwards, but how about torches, chests, npc's? They have to be there in the same spot every time the player comes by. So how do i optimize those? i have their collisions disabled once the player gets too far in an effort to optimize it, but is there no other way? A big world would have thousands of these objects, and i don't think the engine could handle just leaving them there. And spawning them doesn't seem an option either, since the only way i can think of doing it is just using a looped event to spawn them at coordinates taken from an array once they reach certain "beacon" items or position on the map. But checking proximity to so many beacons or positions is also hurting performance, isn't it?

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  • and also is there actually any benefit to keeping the image a lot under 2048x2048 or can i just go for 2048x2048 without issues?

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