How do I make a large level.

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  • Hello I have seen games that seem like they have a massive level. for example, start in a building, move out of the building and then fight outside, find someone, escort said person then level ends. How does this work is it a massive layout? layout switching but seamlessly? Please could somebody please enlighten me on this.

    Thank you for your time.

  • You can make the level size quite large, the doted line box is the actual camera viewed area. You can set whether the camera follows the player or not as well on the fly.

    I assume you are referring to a top down or isometric style map... Thus you could easily make a building in one area of a large layout that the camera is centered on until the player leaves then the camera can be set to scroll-to-player and will follow him through the land portion of the level.. you could easily teleport by simply moving the player and camera via setting player.x, player.y with a small sparkly poof....

  • Thank you so much. The level size, (by the way you were correct top down shooter (kudos XD)) will it effect performance of my game the larger I go. Is there anyway of doing, render only when in window? Thank you for your time.

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  • From the way I understand it only the elements within view are will be drawn by the camera so your off-screen sprites shouldn't add too much load. The ground map itself will be your primary concern in that regard since its size will count. Thus a tilemap would be the best ground for mobile development if you plan on using a laaaaarrrgggge ground map.

  • Perfect. Thanks for all the help matey. Hope to chat again soon.

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