Large layouts, layering different Tiled Backgrounds

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  • I'm working with large layouts (8000,4000 and larger) and would like, for the sake of memory and performance, to use layers of Tiled Backgrounds to provide a basic rich background upon which to add a layer of fixed decorative sprites.

    Is there a pattern of layers, images with transparency (to define the area of the tiled background for a given layer), and tiled backgrounds (and blending mode) that can do this?

    For example:

    Layer 0 - Trees (the forest, 100% layer coverage)

    Layer 1 - Grass, the playing area, driven by a PNG with transparency

    Layer 2 - Water, a river (which should also block the characters), again, a PNG with transparency

    Layer 3 - Fixed sprites to decorate



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  • I figured it out.

    Layer 0 - Forest:

    • Full layout tiled background.

    Layer 1 - Grass (playing area)

    • PNG image with solid white for the playing area (where the grass will be) and transparent where the forest should be visible.
    • Layout Property - Force Own Texture = Yes
    • Tiled Background (full layout) property - Blend Mode = Source Atop

    Layer 2 - Same as Layer 1

    Layer 3 - Just fixed sprites.

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