large background cause low fps?

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  • I'm doing game dev on an older computer, but when I run this test I only get 30fps.

    all it is, is a space background 1920x1080 exported as JPG %75 (in the image format dialog box) so the size ends up only being 277KB (from 3MB). But something about the size is slowing down my framerate. I read in the doc that large files only effect download speed not runtime performance... so I'm confused.


    In my full game that I am working on, I have 100+ events, collision detection etc.. and it runs at 60fps.. but when I add the nice space background it runs awful (in preview mode anyhow and dropbox). I ran a test exporting it using Node-Webkit and it seemed to run fine at 60 fps.

    I'm just trying to determine if it's my older computer, or if there is a limitation here, or it's an a browser issue. My computer is from 2006: dual core pentium 3.2Ghz, 4GB RAM running XP. The video card is very basic: ATI Radeon x500 256MB

  • last night I was getting only 30 fps, and this morning I am getting 45 fps.. still it's jumpy, which is why I put the ship in there...

    the fact that it changed does that mean it's a browser or internet issue?

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  • I've noticed that in C2, lower-end CPU's can have trouble with pixel fill rates - that is, drawing a large number of pixels. Perhaps that's your problem. An easy way to test is to make the window size smaller. If that speeds the game up, then you know it's either a shader problem or a draw rate problem. I think.

  • I can say for sure 1920x1080 shouldnt be a problem.

    My game is using that resolution,

    with a background picture size of 7000x1080,

    another picture with 9200x1080

    and then ca. 2000 objects.

    Everything with 60fps.

    So, looking at your pc specs, i would say, that the factor,

    probably is your older pc.

    But i could be wrong, you should wait for more people,

    that may have an answer ;)

    //Edit: Try what Sqiddster said, best way to test :)

  • yes it does.. in the browser it runs faster if I make the window smaller..

    and I just made this a node-webkit and it's only running at 24fps. it's probably my video card...

  • It also might be a blacklisted card or driver as well, rather than the hardware itself.

  • no my card is running webgl fine. the main problem I am seeing is when I preview in C2 using Chrome i get a higher fps than if I export it to Dropbox and play it via the shared link. Not sure why this is...

    Any clue?

  • FYI - I think it is the Construct2 IDE that is causing (or at least contributing) to slow FPS I am getting. Only when I have more than 1 project open does the framerate drop dramatically.. and when I have 1 project open it's fine (60 fps).

    *Having my main project open and running the game in Preview mode the game runs at 60 fps.

    *If I then create a new blank project (without closing my other one), go back to my main game and run it in Preview, it plays at 51 fps.

    *If I have my main game open and then open another project (one of my other small projects with 25 Events) and go back to my main game and run it in Preview, it plays at 43 fps.

    so clearly C2 is grabbing some sort of system resource that effects runtime performance.

    my graphics card is old, so maybe it doesn't effect everyone.. it's not a big deal, but just thought I'd let everyone know my findings.

  • Sounds like you might not have a lot of RAM. I usually have between 2-5 projects open at a time with no real issues, but I have 8GB of RAM.


    Might be a good idea to open Task Manager to see what else might be running in the background.

  • I have 4GB of RAM

    dual core Pentium 3.2GHz

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