Lap counter and Timer!!

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  • thank you very much for putting it nice and easy for me :) yeh im very much up for doing things on my own soon only problem is at the moment it may aswell be in japanese at the moment! so im coming up with ideas and asking how to do them and hoping for the great help you guys are giving that way in future if i need to use them again i know how to if you know what i mean!

    I have a hud now with the timer on, however at the start the car is out of screen shot until you drive forwards and then when i go to the right it goes out of screen shot again!! cant seem to keep the car on screen now!! it was fine until i added timer-scroll to-parralax 0,0 philx

  • I made the .capx here using my own logic. Should help you out hopefully.

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  • Thats brilliant thank you very much!! im guessing instead of clicking the button i change it to Car-overlapping-finishline etc etc etc

  • don't give the timer the scroll to behaviour. give that to the player or vehicle, whatever you're following in the game. leave the timer at parallax 0,0 on its own layer.

  • no problem, yeah that is just the semi-basics. yep you could just add the condition under the Lap Number = X events. e.g. Lap Number = 2 AND car overlaps finish line > do actions. many ways to do these things so have fun! : P

  • Fantastic thanks for your help!! if i leave the timer off scroll to i wont be able to see it all the time surely?

  • no, if your layout size of "HUD" is the same like your screen size, you'll be able to see the timer all the time. this layer has to be transparent and on top of your game layer. the textbox of the timer is on layer "hud" and the car, road usw on one layer underneath "game".

    only set parallax 0,0 to the hud layer.

    and "scroll to" to the car or whatever

  • That i think is the answer!! i think the hud must be smaller than the background

  • ok nope!! still going off screen :( philx

  • try out some more stuff and if you can't get there, send me your capx tomorrow i gtg to sleep now z..Z.z...Z..z.z

    check out tutorials on hud's there are plenty.

  • Ensure the Timer object is on the layer that is set to parallax 0,0

    Ensure the Car is on a different layer

    Ensure that the Timer object does not have scroll to behaviour

    Ensure that the Car has scroll to behaviour

    Ensure that you are not just walking off the edge of the layout

    If this doesn't work then you'll need to link to a .capx as you did something random :)

  • Thanks buddy i think it is because my timer object is on the wrong layer! i wil have a look in a bit!

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