How do I make 3 lane based player movement

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  • Hi All,

    ( This is my first time posting here so please forgive me for my noobishness )

    I am an average level construct 2 user ( using it for 2 months now).

    Recently I started working on a new vertical endless runner game and now I am stuck at the player movement

    I want my player to move like the character in this game :- URL [ ]

    I tried changing X value for player when we touch left or right of him but it makes it appear like the player is teleporting to the place instead of moving there. I basically want to have 3 lanes and want to player to move from 1 lane to another when swiped/touched left or right like it happens in all of the enless runners

    Hope my description is not very noobish :p Again please forgive me for anything inappropriate or up to the standards

    Thanks in advance


  • Cant you use bullet behaviour for movement (if touched left set enabled + set angle of movement 180, if touched right set enabled + angle of movement 0, on Object X is bigger or equal to finish X = set X to exact X + disable bullet) -or- use Move to position - you can use lerp for this like Y = Object.Y, X = lerp(Object.X, Target.X, dt*2) for smooth movement.

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  • Thanks a lot funkyy

    Yups, I guess I can use bullet behavior to make nice transition between lanes !

    ( I always thought of bullet behavior as useless because all it did was move an object in a direction but now I am coming to realize how creatively it can be used !)

    Thank you very much !


  • Bullet can be used for most anything

  • Yups

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