How do I get Lan Preview working again?

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  • I just got a new router. I set up LAN preview in C2 according to Ashley's guide. Everything worked fine; previewed in all browsers, previewed to my mobile. isn't working. I haven't changed anything that I can think of. This is the error I'm getting:


    I am running C2 as an administrator. I've double checked this. I'm using r190 stable. I also tried a separate instal of r192 beta, same thing.

    Any ideas where to start here?

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  • If you haven't tried it already, perhaps delete the Firewall Rule you set up to enable LAN preview and create a new one. Perhaps, if the new router didn't throw the settings off, like so much to do with Windows, the old rule somehow became corrupted...

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    Thanks for the idea. Actually, though, I just figured this out 5 mins ago: somehow, my router's ip address had changed slightly. I just went to C2's 'preview on lan address' setting, picked the top suggestion (which had 1 number different), and everything worked.

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