Lan hosting or asynchronized multiplayer

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  • Hi again!

    sorry for opening another multiplayer thread but I'm quite confused and I would appretiate any advice you could give me.

    I'm working in a turn based game that may work perfect with asyncronization (no need for players to be connected at the same time to play; the better example maybe Hero Academy for IOS and Steam).

    I navigated through the forum and tutorials and I'm really desoriented about wich method would be better or smartest to use for my purpose. Should I use spritebank plugin? Ajax? dictionary?

    The Game is a sort of board game so the data that will be transfered are sprites positions and a local variable.

    What do you think? There's a easiest way to do it? A safer?

    I heard out there the idea of using cloud drives (like gdrive or dropbox) for hosting data and interacting between user acounts but probably is out of the ecuation right now.


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