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  • Hello Everyone

    I am having some issues with getting ladders to work. I have checked out the .capx that are available in the FAQ post and there are a few issues with them so I decided to try a slightly different approach. I have a good portion of the mechanics working but there are a few issues that I am hoping a fresh set of eyes could help me figure out.

    Here is the .capx:

    I am having the player switch between platform and 8-directional movement when starting to climb the ladder. The player seems to keep some of the momentum when switching between the two movement, I think, and it causes the player to move side to side while climbing even though I'm not pushing the left or right arrow. If that is the problem, that it is keeping momentum, is there a way to get rid of that. If not I don't know what to do at all.

    The next issue I am having is when the player reaches the top of the ladder sometimes the floor piece they are crossing (LadderPlatform) becomes solid before the player sprite has completely passed so the player ends up getting pushed off to the side, not to far or anything, but it would be enough to shove the player into an enemy.

    The last issue I am having is that if the player is at the top of the ladder and they want to go down, the floor loses its solid behavior just fine, but rather than the player moving down they instead move upward just a little bit first before moving downward. Is this an issue with the player standing on a solid object that is no longer solid?

    Any help with this would be appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to take a look.

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