How Do I Make A Ladder That Is Bug Free?

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  • Whats up peeps!

    I have been gone for awhile so i have alot of questions.How do i make a ladder that does not have any bumpers like the ones in how do i links.Also I do not want the player to pass through solid blocks at all.I just need a bug free legit ladder. Every One of the tutorials on how do i links all have glitchs where you pass through solids.I need a bug free ladder because the player will be able to place them freely .If someone can help me with this it would be awesome

  • Here's a quick example using the platformer template. It's based on adjusting fall speed and setting Y vectors accordingly. You might need to tweak the collision polygon based on your preferences, but it's bug-free as far as I can tell.

  • Cool Beans GeometriX i will take a look at it.If it is bug free you should have Kyatric put it in the How Do I most asked. Thanks geometrix I had another question but I posted it in rookies topic. I wont place it here. Good looking out for this reply, You should be a Moderator you and Nimtrix

  • GeometriX this is the best ladder code I have seen on the website! No errors at all!

    This needs to be linked over. Its to good not to be and its up to date.Great work

  • My pleasure. It is actually bugged, though. If you hold in the down arrow while still on a platform, and then step onto the ladder, it just drops you straight down at fall speed instead of the ladder "catching" the player.

    I'd fix it but I think it'd require some fiddling, which I'm just not in the mood for :P

  • No GeometriX this is exactly what I need. I want the player to have to catch himself instead of it getting done automatically. It will make things harder for the player which is a good thing. Plus you have basically made the whole ladder it wouldn't be hard for the next person to see how you built it and add that function themselves. Thanks again holmes you are a saint

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  • Glad to find this thread... great example!

    I was looking at trying to toggle platform behavior on and off for ladders. Not sure which method is really better.

  • thank you much! you helped me a lot :) feeling in the mood to give us the solution to that little "bug" with the drop down next to ladder thingie?

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