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  • Hi, first at all, sorry for my poor English. I'm really newbie with Construct 2, and well, i want to create a very simply fighting game, side scroll, punch, kick, enemies towards the player, so, the concept is very similar to the old Kung Fu Master.

    I had fast read in the "How Do I FAQ" thread, but, what should i see to create a game like this? my first contact with Construct 2 let me easy to create a player with touch buttons (i would like to play it in my tablet, cellphone and tabletPC), my problems is controlling the animations (walking loop, change animation at button push to create a kick or a punch) and the simple IA to the enemy (towards the player or just set the movement into a direction in X axys, i tried with the tutorial of the enemy with the bullet behavior but... nope).

    I'm interesting in cutscenes, or play sounds with triggers or similar...

    Any idea of tutorials that can help me to do that?

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