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  • Hello.

    It has been quite a while since I have made a post.

    I have a rather straight forward question, how do I introduce Kongregate's API to make high scores and Trophies for my game that will eventually be uploaded to Kongregate.

    I cant find a tutorial or any examples upon this. Does anyone know what direction to point me in?

    Thanks <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I know that there is a Kongregate plugin. But there is no documentation on it in the manual.

  • Bump - no reply.

    I still cant find any documentation on integrating high scores with Kongregate.

  • Did you search in the tutorial section ?

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  • Did you search in the tutorial section ?

    I have. It has nothing with API in it. Just uploading it to Kongregate. Sadly.

  • You can upload an updated version.

    When you are uploading your game, or in your case when you edit your game, there is a section where you can setup "statistics" for your game. You setup as many as you wish your game to send there and what type of statistic they are, and then in your game you make sure you have the Kongregate API object, and for each statistic when you are ready to send them (at the end of the game, every 10 seconds, or whatever you want to do) you use the action submit statistic and give it the name you put in the Kongregate side along with whatever the stat is (i.e. total kills, score, etc). That's all there is to it. Screen shots from GSSMPTX:2EB:

    <img src="http://www.infinitepossibilitygames.com/demos/kong/kongstat1.PNG" border="0" />

    <img src="http://www.infinitepossibilitygames.com/demos/kong/kongstat2.PNG" border="0" />

  • Oh my, nice!

    Never thought it was that simple.

    So with all of the above credentials, I can make a public high scores for everyone to view?

  • This was very helpful thank you! I was just wondering though, how do you get to the add statistics page?

    Thank you

  • Go to your game (after uploading) or in the game uploader (during uploading). There is an option towards the end to add statistics. Name it exactly as you have it labeled in Construct 2

  • Bookmarking this one. There should be more formal information on this matter. Also, on Newgrounds. That would be awesome!

  • Bump in here...

    Sorry, but i have done this and it doesn't work.

    There are other guys with the same problem...

    possibly this method is old. can someone confirm that this works in recent days?


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