How do I - know what's optimal in a condition

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  • In my game I'm creating a waterfall using particle effects but I don't want it to run if it's not on-screen.

    What's a better use of system resources in your opinion:

    1. Comparing the player's x and y so that as they approach the area that should have the waterfall it then gets Triggered Once; then another Compare condition which destroys the waterfall once the player gets a certain distance away.

    2. Creating an invisible object that on collision is destroyed and starts the waterfall particles, and a second invisible object outside of the area that on collision destroys the waterfall and re-creates the initial invisible trigger.

    3. Some other method.

    The reason I'm not comfortable with the first way is that I want as few things running every tick as possible. Thoughts, opinions, feedback all appreciated!

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  • It's rendered off screen?

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