How do I know if video test for tablet is successful?

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  • Hello,

    I am not sure what constitutes the successful video test for Android systems?

    I have a small Construct2 application, uploaded on my hosting, that plays a video and when I access it with my tablet everything is working fine with Mozilla Firefox browser but not with IE, Chrome, Opera or default tablet browser. Does this means that video in application will work on Android system if only Mozilla can run it?

    New files:

    Videos are converted using Freemake Video Converter, with HTML5 converter to 360p Ogg Theora, H.264 and VP8.

    Application is exported to Construct 2 HTML5 and I didn’t do Minify script.

    Tablet is Gigaset QV830, Android version 4.2.2, Kernel version 3.4.5.

  • It works in FF and IE for me but not NW.js (chromium). I don't have Chrome.

    There is no webm encoding - it says mp4, so that's why it won't work in chromium.

  • Thanx for checking the app:) It works in IE? It didn't work for me, could be the problem with my tablet, it is a bit old:( What is Chromium, can I download it from Play Store? ..I have mp4, ogv and webm in the app and all three are noted in the C2 Video obj slots:(

  • That is my concern, it's written for NW.js that "Construct 2 can export your project as a traditional desktop app with NW.js, which is basically a standalone version of the Google Chrome browser. In other words it's very much like having your project run in Chrome".

    If Android application export is similar to NW.js that would mean that testing in Chrome browser is closest to testing an Android app. If video don't work in Chrome maybe it won't work on tablet app?:(

  • Your application hasn't got the webm encoding set - should have the suffix .webm but it says .mp4 - so it is never going to work in NW.js.

    Just change suffix to .webm and it works in NW.js.

  • You are right, I just saw it:( I placed mp4 two times, for H.264 and for WebM:( Thank you for your trouble:) I will correct it and try to run app again on my tablet:)

  • ..I have changed .mp4 to .webm in WebM parametar and now it plays in Chrome but only audio, no picture is being displayed.

  • Unfortunately I cannot test Chrome, but your 2nd test works in FF, IE and NW.js.

    Hopefully, some other helpfull user will test at some point.

    BTW what version of IE did you try? I'm on Win7 Pro x64 with IE 11.

  • ..but I am not sure I undestand the NW.js factor. Is it reliable test for Android (tablet and mobile)? Video works great in NW.js but I can only test win32 and win64 exe files on my desktop PC.

    I am not concerned about my other game files, the game works great on tablet when I play it on tablet via html file on my hosting. I am only concerned about the video playback:(

  • The Video entry in the Manual states:

    [quote:2ybw3y99]Chrome for Android, video playback cannot begin unless triggered by a user input event. The Play action will work in a user input trigger like On touch start, but if done outside of that it cannot play right away. To work around this the video plugin will wait until the next touch event to start playing the video. This also applies to autoplaying videos: it will not start until the first touch.

    Does this help?

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  • Thank you, I did take that into account, Mozilla started the video on my tablet without a need to touch and for Chrome the touch was needed.

    Strange thing is that Chrome actually played both sound & video three times and then reverted to playing just sound again few times. I don't get it:(

    But what should I consider to be a successful test for video on tablet? So far Mozilla is playing the video great, Chrome is playing video/playing just video-sound arbitrary from time to time..

    I can test my game just fine on tablet using recommended hosting-html concept and it works great. But video is another story, I don't know how to test video playback so that I can be sure that it will work on tablet?

  • Sorry, I never answered you on my PC specs: Win7 Pro x64. ..but PC is not the problem, video works great on my PC with Chrome, Mozilla, IE and also as a NW.js win32/win64 exe file. Problems only exist with tablet testing.

    To be precise, only problem is the Android application concept. If my game would be only HTML5 browser-based I could specify that all users should play it with Mozilla Firefox browser and video-playback wouldn't be a problem. But I don't know how to test a video-playback so that I can safely say it works as a Android application?

  • Hello,

    Just to confirm that my problem is solved and that I managed to compile a working video inside APK file.

    My process for functional video:

    1. RexRainbow video plugin ().

    2. Construct 2 Cordova export with 4.0+ Ice Cream Sandwich Crosswalk.

    3. Intel XDK export/build with Crosswalk for Android.

    The difference between Construct 2 Video object and RexRainbow video plugin is that video stays on top of everything else except Form Control objects and it works with URLs and not with imported video files.

    I haven’t experimented much with RexRainbow video plugin, just gave it a go because I was desperate and Construct 2 video object just didn’t work. I tried it on Android browsers: only Firefox managed to play them normally. I tried with 7 different Android APK files: not one played video.

    To anyone who managed to produce an Android APK with functioning video: You are the best and good luck to you! the rest of us: If you need video for Android system this plugin worked for me, hopefully it will work for you too:)

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