How do I know the size to create art assets

  • Hello, everybody!

    I`m new here, and this is my first post

    I`m planning to make a very short 2d hand drawn fighting game, with graphics like Skullgirls, 1080p, and wanted to know what size should I create the sprites and general art assets for the game. I mean, I pretend to make them big. The doubt is: should I resize them on Construct 2 or export them with the size I will use in game?


  • Generally speaking, you should export the size you want to use in game.

    You normally don't want to make larger graphics and downscale, as that increases memory use and reduces quality with no real benefit.

    In some situations to conserve memory you might want to use smaller graphics and upscale, but again that will result in reduced quality.

  • Pick a scale.

    If you have room, you can upscale 1/4 size over to account for all the other scales.

    Keep in mind that doesn't work for textured objects like tilemap, tiled background, and 9patch.

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  • Thank you, guys!

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