How do I know the right Crosswalk version?

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  • Hi,

    I'm building Android Crosswalk app with Intel XDK. I see that I can choose Crosswalk versions from 7 up to 14, and by default 11 is selected. Can anyone explain the difference? Is the newer the better? And if so - is it improving game performance?

  • Ok. For those who are interested. After what I have read in the Internet I got the following information.

    Crosswalk (as you may already know) is a runtime environment for HTML5 scripts (which is actually JavaScript as you may also already know). So in other words it's like a browser. Intel XDK for some reason (couldn't find info about that) selects Crosswalk 11 by default, but there are several options to choose (up to 14 at the moment).

    Newer version of Crosswalk makes your APK heavier since it's simply bigger application cause of new features/patches. However newer Crosswalk versions have fixes which make your app work properly on more type of devices. Also it should improve performance of your game especially on older devices.

    So that's what I found out. If there is anyone who can confirm that or deny, it would be nice if he/she would share his/her knowledge.


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  • yes i think the newer the better, also some people use the beta option in the intel XDX. i don't know if that is a good choice or not

  • For my opinion, just try to check for updates regularly, however see also its changelog. If the apk becomes heavier so much that it does not worth for the new features, then don't update them. Thanks.

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