How do I know the end of text-to-speech

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  • Hello all

    I'm working with user media, more precisely text-to-speech and speech recognition but I got a problem :/

    There's no function like "On speaking end" or sthing like that :s

    Well, it's not good when I make something like that :

    • Speak text (especially a question)
    • Request speech recognition.

    In this case, both actions are loaded simultaneously so program recognise what it is speaked, not what the user speak :/

    I also have a second question, is there a possibility to know when the language that I've choose is completely loaded, perhaps it's just me but it look like there's sometimes a little delay before voice speak ^^

    That's all

    I thank you in advance and hope i will receive help

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  • UP

    Please, is there somebody ^^ ? Perhaps would you like to know more ?

    How to simply wait until text-to-speech end ?

  • I try a second up, please

  • I just modified some existing code I was working with. The main thing you want is "when UserMedia is NOT speaking" and "Trigger once". In this case, the sound effect I have plays once the speaking ends.

    With this code the event will trigger on the start of frame, but you can implement some safeguards to fix that.

    I actually have to thank you for asking this question. I was trying to figure out a way to have all items you touch on the screen read aloud without lifting your finger. Turns out "when UserMedia is NOT speaking" is what I was looking for.

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