How do I Know the Dimensions?

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  • Hello everyone! I just joined the Construct 2 Community. Nice to meet you all!

    I have been working on Stencyl for a while, but I've been thinking that it is time to step up and try something more efficient.

    I have problems with the dimensions of a file all the time, but once I start I can just keep going.

    I read somewhere that the best way to start a Construct 2 document is by getting a 16:9 New Document, but I don't know what size to make my characters or tiles aswell.

    Should I use the 16:9 or should I try something else? I'm thinking of making a more complex game than the last games I made.

    I am looking forward to make a 2D Platform Game I am still undecided if it will be an App or if it will be for PC.

    I want it to have a pixel art style.

    Any advice would be highly appreciated as well as some references or guides on how to make a platform game in Construct 2.

    Thanks and have a great weekend!

  • Base it on your target platform.

    Desktop are able to handle higher/bigger graphics better then mobiles devices.

    Perhaps follow some of the tutorials, like the ghost shooter. Should give a pretty good indication of size.

  • Yeah I am thinking of making it a computer game instead of a App. All I need to know are the dimensions I should go for, I am still pretty unsure haha!

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  • Might not be 100% correct since its some time I checked up on it. But then someone can hopefully correct me

    But for character its best as I recall to make them with following dimensions, due to how graphics are loaded.

    So 8x8, 16x16, 32x32, 16x32, 256x256, 32x64, etc etc. Since graphics will take up space in memory using those sizes. However im not 100% sure so unless someone can confirm it, maybe just keep it in the back of your head or you can probably find some information about it on the web some where.

  • Here are some statistics on screensizes: ... istics.htm

    Construct2 actually handles scaling pretty good..

    So choosing a resolution depends more on how you like designing your graphics..

  • If you select a new project based on a template, they set the project window size for you, depending on how you want your game to work, the project window size could be considered as a relative full screen.

    ie having something that covers half of the project window (the dotted lines in the layout, your project window size aka viewport) , will very likely cover half off the screen in full screen mode.

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