How do I know angle of drag sprite

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  • Hello, is it possible to know the angle of a dragged sprite ? I want to associate a particle with a sprite. When the sprite is dragged, I want that the particle is like a "queue" to the sprite, whatever is the sprite angle of motion. Excuse my poor English ! I am not sur to be clear in my explannations...


  • You could compare the oldx and oldy with the currentx and currenty every tick..

    so give the dragged sprite three instance variables OldX, OldY, Dragangle

    DraggedSprite is dragging

    --system compare two values: Draggedsprite.OldX is not Draggedsprite.X


    --system compare two values: Draggedsprite.OldY is not DraggedSprite.Y

    Draggedsprite set Dragangle = angle(Draggedsprite.x,Draggedsprite.y,Draggedsprite.oldX,Draggedsprite.oldy)

    Draggedsprite set oldx = Draggedsprite.x

    Draggedsprite set oldy = Draggedsprite.Y

    Particle set angle = Draggedsprite.DragAngle

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  • Thank you LittleStain !

    I will try this.

    Have a good day !

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