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  • So I have my character knocking back when the Owl Wind hits him. I am trying to get him to be knocked back possitive direction when he is on the right side of the owl...not sure how to do this..

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  • You could just check the Owl.X against the Character.X and set it negative accordingly:

    If Owl.X < Character.X then knockback = knockbackAmount

    if Owl.X >= Character.X then knockback = -knockbackAmount *

    The above pseudo code should give a good idea of what to do. Hope it helps and good luck with your project.

    (* One note, this line has a greater than or equal to because of you only test < or > and forget the = you will introduce a bug where knock back never happens when the values are equal. You may already know this but I have seen many people forget to include the equal to in these situations so I am spelling it out just in case.)

  • looks like this worked, thanks for the reply

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