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  • Hi,

    I'm so interested with Construct 2 and I have submitted my game on Kongregate. But I want to tell, how to make a game like Klotski?

  • Never heard of such a game

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  • Whiteclaws

    google is great


    it's like the traffic jam table top board game where only can move blocks certain way but need to get your car to exit the board

    <img src="http://images.productwiki.com/upload/images/rush_hour_traffic_jam_game-400-400.jpg" border="0">

  • Ah , that old game I played when I was 5 , I remember now!

    Ah , man , nostalgia !

  • Ah , that old game I played when I was 5 , I remember now!

    Ah , man , nostalgia !

    ya I have fond memories of this game

    not sure about game mechanics though

    would need a grid and have pieces the length of 2 grid blocks

    but not sure how to really implement it

  • Thought this was an interesting challenge so I had a go at it. It's not perfect (the blocks sometimes go a little wonky), but otherwise it's fully-functional. I wouldn't usually make what's practically an entire game for people, but once I got started I realised it was actually really quick to do. The real challenge for you will be in creating compelling variants, and obviously tightening up the block movement.

    Nothing fancy, just some drag-and-drop with the snap-to-grid system from my tower defence tutorial, and checking when things overlap. Be sure to pay attention to the collision polygons for each shape - those are the key to this thing working.

    Here you go.


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