What kind of video tutorial would you like?

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  • As the title says, post your ideas.

    Is there anything you have been stuck on? Or perhaps there is a topic you would like more clarification or wish it was expanded on? Let me know what you'd like to see and I will add it my queue!

  • 20 views after 48 hours and no replies. I have been gone a year, did this community die out?

  • Here are some topics that aren't available yet when googled.

      -how to make a castlevania type whip -bionic commando (nes) type player weapon -different boss behavior types from castlevania -Fps -beat em up game like Golden Axe
  • please help me by this. I have done a game. But every time my level starts my screen freeze for 2-5 seconds. how can i implement a loading screen that preloads my whole level? i want to have a smooth level start. Can you make a CAPX for me? im on construct 2. thank you very much

  • how to make a iap work for itunes store and google play.

    example i have a tank game and you can buy a boost for 10 gold.

    but you need to buy gold with real money a in app purchase on itunes and or google play.

    so i make a store to by gold if you click on by 100 gold for 1$ you get a popup to be able to buy it with itunes or google play and how you set it to add the 100 gold to your gold amount afther payment.

    and or also how to do that if you whant players to pay 1$ to remove the ads showing in you game from admob.

  • Beautiful guys! I will get working on those right away!

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  • Can you make a tutorial on multiplayer splitscreen without any plugins please

  • Can you make candy crush game?

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