How do I make this kind of simple commands?

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  • I have found so many problems about using simple commands like these, and I don't know if Construct 2 works sometimes in a diferent way I think.

    For example:

    SpriteA 8direction is moving ( or N key is down) - Action: SpriteB Flash for 3 seconds

    Doesn't work!!!!

    It starts when primary action has finished. Anybody knows?

  • is moving and/or key down are true every tick, so every tick sprite b starts flashing again and so it starts at the beginning every tick and it seems like nothing happens..

    try adding a system trigger once while true condition and it wil work.

    another way would be adding an every 4 seconds condition so it can flash for 3 seconds an wait one second and start flashing again..

    It's just that if the conditions are true every tich the actions will be performed (or started) every tick..

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  • thegodo - as a variant of what LittleStain suggested, you could use the Is flashing condition and invert it (right-click, select Invert) to only start flashing if it's not already flashing.



    SpriteA 8direction is moving

    X SpriteB Is flashing -- (where X means inverted)


    SpriteB Flash for 3 seconds

  • It works with "every 4 seconds" choice, but not with "trigger once" (in this case all got unamovible). Thanks LittleStain.

    Your opinion OddConfection was brilliant and simple too. But, is there a plus with the stopped flashing when the SpriteA is not moving anymore?

    Anyway, thanks for your assistant, dudes.

    EDIT: I can answer myself XD. Only decrease the interval of flashing at minimum value and it stops almost at same time that sprite stops its movement. Isn't it?

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