How do I keystore and Phonegap

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  • Hi. I've spent a couple days looking for this and I'm not sure exactly what the correct way is. There's a tutorial on this website to sign and align your keystore and it says to use JDK and ADT bundle. The ADT bundle seems outdated. It looks like it's just Android Studio now. But looking at the Phonegap website and it shows creating the keystore using only the JDK.

    Do I need ADT to create the keystore for a Phonegap build or do I only need JDK and just follow the tutorial on Phonegap?

    I'm asking because I want to make sure I don't mess up the keystore. I see that Intel XDK is going away so I'am using Phonegap. Anyone have experience? Thank you for any help.

  • Here check out this video:

    Good Luck

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  • auramatt -- if you have already published an app to the Android store you will need to continue to use the same keystore. If you used the XDK to build your app for the Android store you need to download that keystore from your XDK account and submit it to PhoneGap Build.

    IMPORTANT! Do not lose your keystore or forget the password!! It cannot be replaced!!!

    To retrieve your keystore from your XDK account, see the instructions on this page > ... ordova-cli < about halfway down the article you'll see an image that shows how to get that keystore.

  • Thanks. I'll work on that. Is Intel XDK going away?

    Next I have to figure out why my game is only supported on a few devices. Of course I'll make a new threat for that if needed.

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