Keyboard simulating Controller Input

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  • Simulate a Controller (Gamepad) action with keyboard input?

    If that is possible it will allow me to create my core game with controller and players without a controller can simply use keyboard without me having to set keyboard controls and filling up the game code.

    All I would have to do is set up the simulated controls

    for example right now lets say I have Left Shoulder Button on the controller set to open my inventory I need to copy that whole code that makes up the inventory system and replace the controls for keyboard.

    Now if I can just set up in a separate group to say If "Shift" is held down simulate "Left Shoulder Button" is held down

    I apologize if someone asked this already but I could not find it on the forums

  • just make it an "or" block and have both on the one event

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  • Yea I could but I think with this simple method constructing code would be faster and smaller. If I set the simulated controls before even making a new system or anything I would already be natively working for keyboard.

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