Keyboard questions; problem with [�] key

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  • I'm making a typing game, but I'm not using text boxes for the input.

    What I did was something like:

    I'm using this condition:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    To check for success.

    mid(WordBlock.Word, 0, 1) is the first character in the word the player is supposed to type, and typing that character deletes it from the word, so you just keep typing the first letters of that word until it disappears.

    For some reason, though, this method doesn't work for the � key, a common letter in the Portuguese language with a dedicated key in our keyboards. I have a working workaround but it is quite annoying to work with. And that workaround doesn't seem to work in some systems (Linux).

    So two questions:

    Is this a bug or just a limitation that can't be dealt with?

    Is there a smarter way to do what I want?

    And another related issue: if I wanted to make this game work on mobile devices, is there a way to call the on-screen keyboard without a text box, or do I have to make the keyboard myself?

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