Get out Keyboard.LastKeyCode the letter

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  • Hello,

    i�m trying to make a small textbox (No I cant use the given one) so I need to get the Users last pressed Letter. Its no problem to get the Keycode. Any Ideas how I could get out of the KeyCode the letter ?

    To explain it a bit better and because of my english sucks:

    I dont want the LasKeyCode("65") I want the letter "A".

  • Other than using a plugin, you could simply build a list in an array

    on start of layout
       local text letters = "abcdefghijklmnopqresuvwxyz"
       set codeToChar size to (256,1,1)
       repeat 26 times:
          set codeToChar.At(65+loopindex) = tokenat(upperCase,loopindex,"")
       repeat 10 times:
          set codeToChar.At(48+loopindex) = loopindex
          set codeToChar.At(96+loopindex) = "numpad "&loopindex

          //F1 to F12

       repeat 12 times:

          set codeToChar.At(112+loopindex) = "F"&(loopindex+1)

    so you can do


    to get the key

    You'll have to fill the other possible key more... manually though (:

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  • So much work :D

    I already tought about something like that, but really big thanks it will save me much time.

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