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  • is there a way to count how many keyboard button is pressed??

  • At once or over time ?

  • I don't see how this would be solved without plugin.

  • Yann , at once like for example i clicked on igtfouh89jmr it will count 12 if i took 1 finger off and made it like this : igtfouh89jm it will be 11 and so on ^^

    Julmust , which plugin if keyboard , yes i want to use keyboard ^^ but how can i do it :) i tried compare values but failed :(

  • Most keyboards can only detect about 3 simultaneous key presses. So this doesn't sound very useful. What do you need it for?

  • Ashley , i want to make that player can't use more than one key on the keyboard for example when he jump he can't move left or righ and when he move he can't jump and so on also when he attack he can't jump or move and so on in all actions ( im thinking of doing 5+ actions depend on how many events i got ) and if this can made i can use alot of these stuffs ^^ i know it can be done by these condtions :

    player is NOT moving + space is pressed then jump

    and attack :

    player speed = 0 + Z is pressed then attack

    but the other actions will be harder to do this...

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  • You can have a boolean named "Acting" you switch to true when you start any action. And then you just have to put all you action triggers in a sub event of "is Acting"

    Then you just have to have a condition checking that the character isn't doing anything to switch "acting" back to false.

    If you have more complew locking relationship you just need to add other booleans to check states.

  • Yann,

    i know it can be done by variables but the problem each is each key will have more than one action for example Z key will be attack , power , defense ,... and X will jump and climb and double jump and so on...

    so instead of checking for each actions ,why can't i disable the buttons?

  • Then you can have a boolean per key you switch to true on key pressed to lock the other key pressed event.

    Having an action like "disable key" will basically do the same thing under the hood I think.

  • i see so its just can done with variables , thanks for the idea ^^

  • Hi! Sorry for my English. Good question. Anyone found a solution?

  • Sorry for my English. There is a sprite with the behavior of the platform. With ignoring control platform there is no problem, but if when you press a key suppose space (space) you want to move the sprite in a position to coordinate Y (Set Y). And that's the character moves on to the platform and jump, and it is worth during the jump, press space and sprite immediately moves to a specified position. No one knows how to ignore the keyboard input not only to conduct but also for the sprite. Attaching an example. Management: jump up and during the jump, press the space key.

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