Way to keep the whole game on screen?

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  • I'm having trouble keeping my whole game on screen on iOS. My game is running at 960, 640.

    I have an iPhone 5, which I usually test on, though I borrowed my friend's iPhone 3 earlier. On both, they work when the browser is not in full-screen mode. When I put it in full-screen, they both get cut off on the bottom. On the 3, it's because for some reason there's a margin at the top that the phone creates that pushes it down. On the 5, it just scales up to fit the wider resolution, but that cuts the bottom off.

    I have tried all scale modes available in Construct 2. Letterbox Scale works the best, but it still doesn't work in fullscreen mode.


    Thank you!

  • add

    <preference name="fullscreen" value="true" />

    to config.xml

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  • I've had this problem too. For some reason when in fullscreen in lanscape on ios safari the canvas gets set to larger than the screen (windowheight returns 760 when the screen is 640 tall). I worked around it by checking the screen size then setting it manually via the set canvas size action, but it would be nice if it got fixed. I've been meaning to make a bug report for it, now's as good a time as any.

    Adding an Ashley so this thread doesn't get missed.

  • Hi, I know this is a very old topic, but yet i want to know if this problem is fixed already? My screen also get cut off on both ends now. Up and down.

    Any fix since all these months?

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