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  • Hello all,

    Just making a quick platformer with a scrolling screen for the iPad or iPhone in landscape. Currently I have a move left sprite, move right sprite, jump sprite and fire sprite located on the lower half of my display. I have 3 layers, GUI, Main and background.

    When my character hits about the center of my screen moving horizontally, the screen begins to scroll and SO DO MY CONTROLS! I have placed my controls on the GUI layer but I can figure out how to make them stay in one spot but still have the screen scroll with the player.

    Thanks for any help with this.

  • have you set the parallax of your GUI Layer to 0,0?Also double check if your sprite is in GUI layer. It would be great if you can upload your capx file.

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  • I figured it out, just had to look closer to the tutorials (I didn't see it the first time I scrolled through them). Yep, just set the Parallaxx to 0,0 for the layer. Works great.

    Thanks for the tutorial and the response yuquanzhou007

  • no worries, good for you to figure it out

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