How do I keep a spritefont on top of a player?

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  • I pin it on the player and it stays there, but when the player grows the spritefont is basically centered inside the player, so how could I keep it constantly at a certain height above the player no matter the players size? If you still don't understand I'm looking for a username-floating-above-head effect you would see from LOTS of games, but still above his head no matter his size.

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  • You have to unpin the spritefont and set the y-position new, after your scaling-event happens.

    event -> Spritefont | Pin unpin
          -> Spritefont | player.Y-player.Height/2-SpriteFont.height
          -> Spritefont | Pin pin to Player
    If your scaling is continuous you could use every tick instead of pin to set the position of the spritefont every tick. 
    System| every tick -> SpriteFont| Set position to (player.X-SpriteFont.Width/2, Player.Y-Player.Height/2-SpriteFont.height)
    The origin has to be in the middle of your Player-sprite.
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