How do I keep my sprite from updating?

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  • I have a coin sprite which has multiple frames. Each frame is a different looking coin. The coin also has a instance variable to track value. Every 2 seconds I call the function itemspawn listed below.

    (Coppercoin=1, silvercoin=2, goldcoin=3 etc..)

    At the moment I have the coin spawning, and it changes to a random frame. When I collect the coin I get the correct value. The problem is ALL COINS update frame when a new coin is generated.

    So if a gold coin spawns it will start to fall from the top of the screen, if a new coin spawns before I can get to it, the gold coin may change into a copper coin. this repeats every time a new coin sprite spawns for all coin sprite objects on screen. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  • smoke84

    You need to move the Set animation frame and Set value actions after the Create object action, so it will only pick that created object item, otherwise it doesn't know which specific one to set so it sets all of them.

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  • OddConfection

    That did it, thanks for the fast reply!

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