How do I keep screen from dimming (crosswalk)

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  • I am trying to use crosswalk/Intel XDK to export a game to Android. I cannot find an option to prevent the screen from dimming when the game is running. This permission seems to be added automatically for Windows Phone, Windows 8, and Android (through CocoonJS) as the screen does not dim when I try those options. I would prefer to use Crosswalk to CocoonJS but I cannot seem to find this option. Anyone know where I should look?


  • Look for the permissions in the api, the app must be allowed to change display settings locally. I dont think this is auto-done at the moment.

  • "Look for permissions in the api"...

    The problem is I don't know where to look. The list of permissions I can request in the Intel XDK doesn't include this one. I've looked through the javascript in the Intel XDK and can't find a list of permissions to edit manually (plus I doubt that's the best solution even if it was there). Does anyone know where I should look?


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  • Well, at first step at this moment i would guess to check:

    did you allow the base android <-> developer kit to access this feature (at the phone)?

    if it works, try exporting the project on other api's to check if it works there with same rules.

    Or Consider checking a similer project on crosswalk/Intel XDK which made it; before going on this thread.


  • Let me try rephrasing the question:

    I am looking for a way to enable a game published through Construct 2 and Crosswalk to prevent the screen from dimming. I'm assuming there is probably a permission somewhere in the process that I need to check in order to do this. Since this is clearly a desirable feature in any game I assume other people have already found this. If anyone knows the answer off the top of their head, please let me know which of the following it is:

    A) There is a way to request such permission somewhere in the Construct 2 project. This seems unlikely since there is no reason for it to not be "on" by default in a game engine, but I'm listing the possibility for completions sake.

    B) There is an option to request this permission somewhere in the Intel XDK that I missed.

    C) There is a way to manually edit the code within the Intel XDK to accomplish this that I missed. This one seems unlikely.

    D) There is a way to manually enable this while uploading to the Google Play store that I missed.

    E) There is no way. Crosswalk publishing through Construct 2 currently lacks this feature.

    F) There is a way, but it's not listed.

    Again, if you don't know the answer, just ignore this thread. If you do, it would be appreciated.


  • This question was asked on Saturday in the Crosswalk Thread by KFC. I think it's better to keep all Crosswalk issues and fixes in one thread...

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