How do I keep playing music outside the app?

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  • Hello everyone,

    this is straightforward, it's about the audio focus on android. Whenever I run my app / game made with C2, all the other audio stops. In other words, my mp3 player stops and won't continue as long the app is running. How could I make this work?

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  • Hey AlmostDigital,

    Me, work colleagues and friends have had similar thoughts in the past and recently. I'd really like to highlight that for mobile developers, it is soo very important that we can mute the game audio and have background apps (such as music) still playing. Muting game audio isn't so much a worry, its just personal background music that is.

    Most mobile gamers often go straight to the options, mute music or sound and open their own music and listen to it while playing the game. Its a more personal experience and I personally feel it would be more professional if our apps (made in construct2/3) could do the same.

    Um, Does anyone have any ideas as to why all other audio is muted? Or anyway to stop it?

    Perhaps something can be done in Intel XDK for the apk, or a few lines in Xcode (Apple Products) or similar for different platforms.

    I'm not too familiar with xcode and all the like but any input on this would be great, and I'm sure we're not the only ones who want to play our games while listening to our own music.

  • Just want to bump this post a final time. Really hoping there's someone who can share any thoughts of this. Thank you for reading.

  • +1

    Super interested in this!

    Even if there is no setting for this, the default should be that it doesn't kill any other app's sound when launching the app.


  • Super interested in this! 0/

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