How do I Keep all my pixels Square?

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  • Hi all hope someone will be kind enough to answer my question - I just noticed my full screen, low resolution pixel art game I am playing with does not have constantly square pixels, currently, it alternates every other pixel 5,4,5,4 in height and width when measured in the screens true resolution. (1920x1080)

    It seems to be OK in 720p (1280x720), which is weird..

    screenshot segment

    Am I doing something wrong? it's most noticable when you do a stepped diagonal line (as seen on the hexagons).

    All art is drawn 1:1 pixel art, there is nothing mis-sized in my assets.

    Thanks, as always.

  • Hello. I'm kind.

    Is your (on Project Properties) Pixel Rounding set to ON? because this prevents objects to be drawn between pixels.

    Check out the default definitions for pixel art games in the construct2 template.

    Sampling = Point

    Fullscreen scalin = Low Quality

    Pixel Rounding = On

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  • ...and "Letterbox integer scale" fullscreen mode, to avoid fractional scaling.

  • Thanks - the letterbox integer scale fixes it - but places the play area within a black frame, ideally I woud - the window size I need is around 240 pixels vertically, 16:19 ratio - I guess I need to look into rethinking the window size.. I would assume my only closest option is 480x270?

    Thanks guys..

  • you're welcome.

  • Ashley , it would be great to have options for "Scale Outer Integer" and "Scale Inner Integer" modes. That way we can have games fill the screen and maintain square pixels without black borders regardless of window ratios.

  • The 'Integer' itself, give us black borders. Except when the window size is the viewport size (or multiplied by an integer number.)

  • Yeah, but if you want a game to fill the screen without black borders, the only options are scale inner or scale outer. Those will keep the pixels somewhat square, however, those scale to the window width or height which usually isn't divisible by the original game window size- so you get some pixels that are squished and stretched.

    There could be more options that would round the screen size to the nearest value that is divisible by the original size. So an option that would round up and an option that would round down, and display whatever is extending out from that. That way everything remains square regardless of aspect ratio, and it would fill the entire screen/window.

  • Any news about this issue ?

    I would like to make a pixel art game with a fullscreen option but I can't remove the black borders without having weird pixels.

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